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Design and Assistance

Please call or email if you would like assistance with, or have questions about, artwork or design

And if you have an art file of any kind for any Branded Matter product you are considering, feel free to email it to and we will be happy to evaluate your art same day, or give us a call at 877-870-8146. Often we can convert a lower resolution JPEG or even a word document into proper artwork. For 100% custom items, it is common that all you may have is an initial idea of what you want — that is fine — in fact, our staff is here to specifically assist you with converting your idea, at any stage, into reality. Simply call us at 877-870-8146. We will be happy to discuss in clear language what certain custom manufacturing processes are well suited for, and just as importantly, what they are not well suited for. Almost always, even a short conversation will open up new ideas and possibilities, and at the same time bring existing ideas into sharp focus. 

If you are experienced with graphics software

Generally, a vector-based EPS, PDF or AI file is acceptable for laser engraving and for most other output, such as mold manufacturing and screen imprinting. When preparing artwork, please create outlines for all fonts and save in .pdf format if possible. Call us if assistance is needed. For some items utilizing CMYK printing, such as full color dog tags, a jpeg at high resolution or tiff is equally acceptable or preferred. For laser engraved items, all colors (or elements that you wish to be layered) must be black. Simply put, a laser sees black and white -- black is on (lasered) and white of off (no lasering). Office programs (i.e. Word, Power Point, Publisher, etc.) are not professional graphics programs. However, we can often alter these formats to meet production requirements. Very rarely a delay in production schedules may occur in addition to incurring reasonable art department charges for very complex artwork. Please call us, or email your file to, and we will be happy to evaluate your art same day. Any file can be emailed.

Art department production work and charges

Basic to moderate art and design work is generally provided free of charge. 
Creating artwork for custom items is almost always complimentary as well. For very complex work needed to make existing electronic files usable, our in-house art department is available at the rate of $35/half hour, if needed. Note there is no guarantee that submitted files will be able to be made usable. We will advise upon inspection. If you have questions for us about your files, you can address the questions to If you have been asked to secure the files for your project, but you are not the designer and/or the information on this page doesn't seem to be helping you, please ask your designer to view this page and to send us the files according to the information here, or please give us a call.

Agencies: The Branded Matter in-house Art Department and customer care professionals bring extensive experience working with — and transparently assisting — Advertising Agencies of all sizes to ensure that you, and your client, are 100% satisfied.


The Branded Matter Team